Experiential Marketing  

Experiential Marketing is what we're all about. We specialize in one thing: making your brand real and relevant in the world of today's consumers.
We do it with an array of tools that are customizable to your needs. We deliver your marketing message to the people you want to reach. Before you can close the sale, you have to close the distance.

We produce brand experience to
inspire new consumers.



Event Marketing
Event Marketing puts your brand center stage. We can create an event, place you into an existing prime event, or activate your current sponsorships. We provide turnkeys solutions! All aspects are included logistics, negotiating cost, pre-publicity, set and strike of event, and staffing.


"Always professional, always prepared...
                          execution is their strong suit

Our relationship with Ms Jones has now surpassed 5 years and our experiences have been outstanding. We have utilized her vast resources in a wide array of projects in various venues and markets. I would highly recommend their services for enhancing marketing presence and expanding brand reach.

                                                                     Danny Jenkins
                                                                                                 Sr. Director sales
                                                                                                                                    Diamond Foods Inc.


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